Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur chaired meetings of Campus Management Cell and Plantation & Beautification Cell at Vice Chancellor Secretariat.

Dr. Khalil Ibupoto while talking to the participants of the meeting said that the establishment of Campus Management Cell is aimed at to bring transparency, restoration of working relationship among the various sections and to get the progress from the different sections. Dr. Ibupoto remarked that my patronage and support is always with you. We are heading toward positive direction. There is need of collaborative coordination among the all sections. He said that the Campus Management Cell will be solely monitored by the Registrar office, all the administrative sections i.e. Administrative Officers, Project Director (Works), I.T Manager and Director Technical will work under the umbrella of this Cell.

During the meeting, it was resolved that the small work of repair and maintenance will be carried out by the Administrative Officers while the major work will be carried out with the help of the Project Director (Works) by floating tenders. It was resolved that the stock entry will be maintained properly. The Administrative Officers will embark the repair and maintenance work within the limit of Rs. 50,000/- while the exceeding amount Rs. 50,000/-, the repair and maintenance work will be referred to the Engineering Wing. The Director Technical will cover the leakages of Sui Gas Lines and will resolve this issue within 20 days of time. Administrative Officer (Colony) will assist Director Technical in this work. All Administrative Officers will report the problem which pertains to the Registrar.

Mr. Mureed Hussain Ibupoto, Engr. Ghulam Mujtaba Abbasi, Engr. Ghulam Asghar Shaikh, Engr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh, Mr. Khalil-ur-Rehman Shaikh and others attended the meeting.  

Meanwhile, meeting of the Plantation & Beautification Cell was also convened. Mr. Rashid Ali Amur, Incharge Plantation & Beautification Cell apprised the Vice Chancellor that the Campus Beautification Plan is underway, the trimming of trees has been completed. Seeds have been received as sponsored by the various organizations including Forest Department for beautification purpose. He told that beds have been prepared for sapling, cleanliness of the campus has been completed. Flower Exhibition will be organized in the month of the March. In addition to this, new plants will be planted at the Academic Block and other new buildings.

Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto commended the efforts of Incharge Plantation & Beautification Cell for taking timely steps to beautify the campus. Dr. Ibupoto stressed the need to make the campus as environment friendly.

Prof. Dr. Taj Muhammad Lashari, Mr. Aijaz Ali Sial, Mr. Tahir Khaskheli, and Mr. Arslan Larik attended the meeting.