March 27, 2015 at 2:38 PM

One-Day national Seminar on “1940 Resolution and Autonomy of Federating Units” was Held at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur organized by Department of Political Science. Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor presided the seminar.

While delivering her presidential address Dr. Parveen Shah said, 1940 resolution is a significant document in the history of Pakistan movement which clearly elaborate Pakistan as federation consists of autonomous units refers completely sovereign and autonomous in their domain. Dr. Shah said, this resolution paid the way for the separate homeland of Muslims. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said, it was the right of every Muslim of South Asia to enjoy freedom, equality and social justice.

Vice Chancellor said, this resolution was the milestone for the Muslims of the sub-continent that provided them a viable political platform and they got their political, economic, social and religious rights. Dr. Parveen Shah said, the 18th amendment of constitution 1973 is also bold step of Govt. of Pakistan to strengthen the provinces.

Prof. Dr. Jaffar Ahmed, Director, Area Study Centre of Pakistan Studies, Karachi said, Lahore resolution remained subject of debate. He trace out historical context and spirit of the resolution. He said, India was controlled by 600 British personals, at that time the population of India was 30 Crors. He said, the spirit of the Lahore resolution was that the constituent unit will remain sovereign and autonomous. The other aspect of the resolution was in term of confederation. He said, 1956 and 1962 constitutions were highly centralized, although the sales tax collection was the domain of the provinces but the Centre retained it.  He said, 7th NFC Award is good, instead of population, revenue collection and poverty has been given consideration. He said, in the wake of 18thth amendment, 34 Departments are working under the provinces. He suggested that the Council for Common Interests (CCI) may meet after three month and to submit its report to National Assembly and Senate. He stressed upon the political will for implementation of decisions. He said, Central Bureaucracy was not interested to devolve powers to provinces.  He said, Pakistan would be strengthening by involving the provinces in the decision-making process and equitable distribution of the sources. The dream of welfare state will be accomplish.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Aslam Parvez Memon, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Sufi University, Bhit Shah said, Lahore resolution provided the sense of provincial autonomy and the concept of modern state based on equality, social justice and distribution of powers among the federating units.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts said, Lahore resolution was a collective one, it was for the identity of the Muslims , it produced the sense of high spirit among the Muslims and it was a turning point leading towards independence.

Dr. Abdul Hayee Balouch, Former Senator said, right to smaller provinces may be given. He said, Pakistan is the multinational state. According to the constitution of Pakistan rights to the provinces may be given.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Chandio said, India remained empire of different states, British regime introduced various constitutional developments in 1909 and 1935 based on the federal form. He stressed the need for the rights of the oppressed nations.

Prof. Dr. Mussawir Hussain Bukhari, Chairman, Department of Political Sciences, the Islamia University, Bahawalpur said, 18th amendment was the dream of Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah which accomplished after 70 years. He termed it as milestone step. He said that the autonomy may be given from Union Council level to province level in order to strengthen the democracy in Pakistan.

Mr. Jagdesh Ahoja said, the base of Lahore resolution was on two-nation theory. He stressed that provincial language may be given the status of national language.

Advocate Abdul Khalique Junejo said, the spirit of Lahore resolution was not fulfilled practically so the East Pakistan crisis, Baluchistan problem emerged. He focused on the sovereignty of the provinces and provinces may be given full rights in the spirit of Lahore resolution 1940.

Prof. Imdad Chandio said, the 1940 resolution provided the concept of the faith based nation and modern nation state. He said, the Quaid-i-Azam was the pioneer of separate state and custodian of the protection of the rights of the minorities. He said, one unit was negation of federation such scheme weakened the country and the relations between the nations remained hostile.

Prof. Dr. laiq Ahmed Zardari said, Indian Act 1935 gave the right of vote only to elite class. He said, the Lahore resolution was the source of inspiration for the Pakistan Movement.

Earlier, Prof. Dr. Amir Ali Chandio, Chairman, Department of Political Science welcomed the guest speakers, media persons and civil society. He appreciated the efforts of Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah for promoting the curricular and co-curricular activities at the campus and briefed the audience about the performance of the Department and also shed light on the objectives of the seminar.

Ms. Shahida Chandio, Mr. Akhlaque Hussain Larik, Ms. Aisha Javed Chandio and Mr. Ali Nawaz Soomro also spoke.


Prof. Dr. Miandad Zardari, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Main Campus, Prof. Dr. Yasmeen Faiz Kazi, Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Chairmen, Chairpersons and large number of students attended the seminar.   

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March 24, 2015 at 9:32 PM

The Five-Day Electronic Media Course on “Good Governance & Accountability: Pluralism and Peace for Strengthening Democracy” inaugurated at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur organized by the Department of Media Studies in collaboration with Women Media Centre (WMC), Karachi. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts inaugurated the course.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Khushk said, media is the third eye of the society, it controls crime rate and provide a way for justice and equity in the society and redress the problems of the people at large. I am optimistic that this course will groom the students about the tools and techniques of electronic media. He appreciated the efforts of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah and Chairman Department of Media Studies Prof. Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari for providing excellent opportunity for the students of the Department.

Mr. Nadeem Ahmed Khan, Administrator, WMC, Karachi set out the objectives of the WMC. He said, this centre is promoting practical approach and opportunities for the male and female media persons and students. The purpose of this course aimed at to provide the latest trends of media to prepare the students for media houses and organizations.

Renowned Journalist Mr. Qazi Asif applauded the efforts of Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah and her team for the organizing of this course. He briefed about the progress of WMC and said that more than 2000 persons have been trained by WMC.

Prof. Dr, Taj Mohammad Lashari, Chairman, Department of Media Studies welcomed the team of the WMC and Dean Faculty of Social Sciences and Arts Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk. He said, Media has direct influence of masses and it changes the perception of the people at large. He said, media has also influence in the power corridor.

Prof. Imdad Chandio, Dr. Mujeeb Abro, Mr. Ahmed Ali Memon and large number of students of the Department were present in the inaugural session of the course.


Mr. Nadeem Ahmed conducted the proceedings of the inaugural session of the course. 

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March 22, 2015 at 8:43 PM

The Cheque Distribution Ceremony of Abdul Fatah Memorial Trust was held at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, SALU, Khairpur gave away the cheques among the 11 students of various classes of Department of Business Administration.

Dr. Shah stressed on the students to utilize their time for academic and character building because time is value-added. Dr. Parveen Shah appreciated the generous support extended by Abdul Fatah Memorial Trust for the noble cause of education.

Prof. Dr. Iram Rani briefed the Vice Chancellor about this scholarship program. She said, this is merit-cum-need based program. This trust is awarding Rs. 88,000 per semester for this Department. Dr. Iram revealed that the students who secure 3 GPA are entitle to receive the scholarship. 

Miss. Neelam, Miss Aqeela Soomro, Mr. Lareb Hussain Langah, Mr. Javed Soomro, Mr. Ali Akbar and others received the cheques.


Prof. Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari, Media Coordinator, Mr. Imran Ali Soomro, Secretary to Vice Chancellor and others were present during the ceremony. 

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March 20, 2015 at 12:43 PM

A Review Meeting regarding the performance of Directorate of Distance Education, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur was held in the Board Room of the Vice Chancellor Secretariat.

“Higher Education Commission is striving and committed to provide the education to people of Pakistan at remote areas.. The Distance Education will provide the quality education to less developed areas. In this connection, more than six Universities have been selected for this purpose.” Said, Mr. Hakim Ali Talpur, Deputy Director, Quality Assurance, Higher Education Commission, Islamabad in review meeting held with Director Distance Education and others.

At the outset of the meeting Prof. Dr. Chandan Lal Rohra, Director, Distance Education, SALU, Khairpur briefed the status and performance of the Directorate of Distance Education. He said, three centers have been established in order to provide the education at Masters Level in Sociology, Economics and English disciplines. A sizable number of students have been admitted and classes are being conducted in full swing.

Mr. Talpur appreciated the role of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah for promoting the Distance Education and also appreciated her academic and research initiatives for the development of institution at large. The team of HEC much inspired from the progress and principally agreed to release 3 million grant for this program.


Prof. Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah,  Member Advisory Committee, Distance Education, Prof. Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, Focal Person, Shikarpur Campus, Mr. Mahesh Ahuja, Representative, World Bank, Prof. Ghulam Sarwar Soomro, Focal Person, Dadu attended the meeting.   

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March 19, 2015 at 2:50 PM

An Awareness Session on the “Preparation of GRE and Availing Fulbright Scholarship at USA” was held at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur in collaboration with United States Educational Foundation (USEF), Pakistan, U.S Consulate, Karachi. Mr. Zeeshan, Program Manager, GRE briefed the scholars of MS/M. Phil and PhD of SALU at Multipurpose Hall of the Faculty of Education.

Mr. Zeeshan said, only 9% of students from Sindh are applying for GRE, it is the dismal state of affairs. The purpose of GRE Test is to avail the scholarships at USA where there are more than 4700 reputable Universities. Every year US spends 6 billion Dollars on education and another purpose is to promote the cultural and educational linkage. He said, this program was started in early 1950s . He briefed the prerequisites of Graduate Record Examination (GRE) i-e Test Pattern, Registration and other relevant requirements.  

Mr. Faraz Naqvi, Incharge, Fulbright Scheme also briefed the students and scholars about the salient features about the Fulbright program and study in USA. He said, this program would promote mutual understanding between people of United States and people of other countries. Mr. Naqvi added that the Fulbright program is a vital link for academic, professional and personal development. The USEF team highly appreciated the hospitality extended by SALU administration and also applauded the efforts of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah for providing them a golden opportunity to interact with students and researchers.

Earlier, Prof. Dr. Yasmeen Faiz Kazi, Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences welcomed the guests and briefed the academic and research development and environment of the campus. She said, I am optimistic that the students of SALU will avail this facility.

Mr. Zeeshan handed over the set of GRE books to Dr. Yasmeen Faiz Kazi for the Central Library of University.


Prof. Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed Memon, Prof. Dr. Ikhtiar Ali Ghumro, Prof. Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari, Mr. Mohammad Hassan Shaikh, Mr. Ghulam Ali Keerio and large number of scholars and students attended the session.  The session was followed by question answer session. 

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March 18, 2015 at 9:50 PM

One-Day Women Conference 2015 under the theme “Empowering Women: Empowering Humanity” held at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor presided over the conference. While delivering presidential address Dr. Shah said, to celebrate international conference is actually celebration of struggle of women over centuries and rejuvenation of commitment to strive for a society, free of all kinds of discrimination against women and this day to join women around the globe in solidarity for human rights, dignity and equality.  Dr. Shah said, more women are exercising leadership in politics and business but yet we cannot claim to be entirely from gender based discrimination in society. Dr. Shah said, this inequality could be seen in persistent gender wage gap and unequal opportunities. Dr. Shah presented the plight of women in low representation in leadership, public offices and continues blatant violation of women’s right. From climate, change to political and economic instability cannot be solve without the full empowerment and participation of world’s women. Dr. Shah remarked that women’s full participation in the political and economic arena is fundamental to democracy and justice.  

Dr. Parveen Shah suggested that providing women farmer with equal access to resources would result in 100 to 150 fewer hungry people, she added.

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts said, our religion is the moderate. He said, no struggle could be succeeded without women participation. Our Quaid also believed in gender equity. He said, this conference is also associated with the United Nation’s Charter to sensitize the society about the empowerment of women.

Dr. Samina Isran, Dr. Tajnees Pirzada, Dr. Sofia Khushk, Ms. Shaida Chandio, Ms. Rubina Shaheen, Ms. Qamar-un-Nisa Larik, Ms. Paras Khaskheli also spoke on the occasion.

The speakers shed light on socio-economic conditions of home based working women. They said, due to lack of formal education, economic empowerment, decision-making, access to market the women are deprived from economic empowerment. They suggested that education, health and employment opportunities may be extended, social welfare organizations, NGOs must concentrate or the socio-economic uplift of the rural women. They said, Pakistan is a country where 161 million women share more than 49 percentage of total population. They said, a women get economic empowerment the attitude of family members and society as whole towards them would change. Therefore, the structural transformation would lead to economic equality.

 They suggested that microfinance, skill development is very essential for women in Pakistan. The role of women in Pakistan is significant. Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah, Mohtarma Shaheed Benazir Bhutto, Late. Begum Nusrat Bhutto and others played a dynamic role against dictatorship and for the promotion of democracy and constitution. They said, women are capable for education and other developmental sectors, only the difference is biological. The role of mother in the teaching of second language is also highly appreciable. Child is reflection of mother. He learns for better communication skills.  They said, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai has also applauded the role of women. His seven Sormis (Heroin) are the evidence which arte the symbol of courage, tolerance and struggle.

The second session of the conference was titled “Success Story of Daughter of Pakistan.” Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah interviewed about her personality, struggle and success.

The third session was on panel discussion titled “The Role of Women in 21st Century and Crime Rate against Women: Success and Failure.” The panelists were Madam Rana Shah, Dr. Farhana Phulpoto, Dr. Yasmeen Faiz Kazi, Dr. Subhan Gaad, Dr. Najma Noor Phulpoto, Prof. Shahida Mangi, Dr. Iram Rani and Mrs. Sadruddin Siddiqui. During the penal discussion, it emerged that women are being killed on the basis of Honor Killing. They are deprived from family property even in the remote areas of Pakistan in feudal and tribal setup, they are denied from the right of treatment. Lack of education access, forced labor and domestic violence is order of the day. They suggested the strong implementation of law for the protection of women rights.

At the end, Fancy Dress Show, Tableaus and Singing Competition were held in the conference.


Prof. Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Maitlo, Prof. Amanullah Bhatti, Dr. Abdul Majeed Chandio, Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Markhand, Dr. Abdul Razak Mahar, Dr. Ikhtiar Ghumro, Dr. Mastoor Bukhari, Prof. Ayaz Gul, Dr. Amir Chandio, Dr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Veesar, dr. Mihoon Khan Laghari, Mr. Sajid Soomro,  Prof. Imdad Chandio and large number of students attended the conference.  

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March 18, 2015 at 9:48 PM

Oath taking ceremonies are very important in a way because it reminds us the dedication, commitment and sincerity towards our organization. Although we are very much faithful towards our Alma mater but some where we miss or ignore the essence of that commitment, sometime for our personal benefits which is totally wrong, said Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur while delivering presidential speech on the eve of Oath Taking Ceremony of newly elected officers of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. Dr. Shah said, actually it is a great responsibility to have any position of an association or forum. Vice Chancellor said, it is necessary to fulfill the expectation of community who elect or nominate you people. Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah administrated the Oath of office to newly elected office bearers of the Officers Welfare Association.

On this occasion, Vice Chancellor advised the officers to be faithful, sincere and committed towards your community and organization. Dr. Parveen Shah said, more than sixty promotions of officers have been made, with the blessing of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah, Housing Society for teachers, officers and employees has been approved by the Syndicate. I am proud that eight Trainings for Officers in collaboration with Higher Education Commission have been arranged for the capacity building of the officers. Dr. Shah said, while taking the charge of the Vice Chancellor in October 2012 the University was facing seaware financial crunch but with the help Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah University received Aid in Grant to run the financial affairs of the University. Dr. Parveen Shah said, I firmly believe in teamwork. I am proud that four stakeholders of the University are cooperating with me in the governance of the University.

Mr. Jamal Akhtar, President, Officers Welfare Association, NED University, Karachi, Mr. Sarfaraz Ali Laghari, General Secretary, Officers Welfare Association, QUEST, Nawabshah, Mr. Imdad Ali Bughio, President, Officers Welfare Association, MUET, Jamshoro also spoke and extended their thanks to Officer Welfare Association, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur for inviting them on this gracious occasion. They assured that they will serve with devotion and commitment to Universities and their community. They said Officer Welfare Association in Universities are a viable platform for the solution of the genuine problems of the Officers. They stressed the need to implement the uniform incentive to officers across the Universities of Sindh. They lauded the effort of Dr. Parveen Shah for solution of the officers problems of top priority basis including allotment of housing society and implementation of timescale. They said, officers are the backbone of the Universities.

Mr. Ghulam Hussain Phulpoto, President Officers Welfare Association, SALU, Khairpur presented the traditional gifts to guests.

The shields were also given away to retired officers Mr. Zaheer Ahmed Shaikh, Mr. Rukun-ud-Din Shaikh and Mr. Umeed Ali Mirani.

Mr. Mohammad Murad Pirzada, General Secretary, Officer Welfare Association welcomed the officers and guests. He said, this is the historic event in the history of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur and first ever Oath Taking Ceremony has organized.

The dinner was followed by Sufi musical program.  

Dr. Syed Asad Raza Abidi, Registrar, Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Markhand, Dr. Hassan Khaskheli, Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari,   Mr. Altah Hussain Bhutto and large number of officers attended the ceremony.



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March 18, 2015 at 9:47 PM

Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur paid a surprise visit of the Academic Block. On this occasion, Dr. Parveen Shah interacted with students and inquired about their problems. Speaking to students Dr. Shah said, education is the pillar of the state; it could strengthen national unity, national consensus. Dr. Parveen Shah said the illiteracy, militancy and intolerance could be eradicated with the quality education.

On this occasion, Dr. Shah advised the students to maintain their regularity in their classes of first semester 2015 and prepare themselves for the solution of future challenges of the nation because students are the agent of change, awareness and development. Dr. Shah said, by virtue of academic pursuit they could render their possible energies for the service of the nation and humanity at large. Dr. Parveen Shah felt her entire satisfaction over the conduct of classes in full swing. 


Prof. Dr. Miandad Zardari, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Main Campus, Prof. Dr. Yasmeen Faiz Kazi, Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts, Dr. Asad Raza Abidi, Registrar, Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari, Media Coordinator and the chairpersons of the various teaching departments were present during the visit. 

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March 18, 2015 at 9:45 PM

An extension lecture on “Peaceful Co-Existence and Role of Sufi Saints” held at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur organized by the Department of International Relations. Khuwaja Moeen-ud-Din Mehboob Koreja, Sajjada Nasheen, Dargha Khuwaja Ghulam Farid of Kot Mithan delivered the lecture.

Earlier, Prof. Dr. Abdul Majeed Chandio, Chairman, Department of International Relations welcomed Khuwaja Moeen-ud-Din Mehboob Koreja and audience in the lecture program. Dr. Chandio said, people have respect for Dargah Khuwaja Ghulam Farid. The Sufis preached Islam in this region. Dr. Chandio appreciated the role of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah for the promotion of peace and co-existence.

Khuwaja Moeen-ud-Din Mehboob said in his lecture that Sufis promoted Islam by their teachings and philosophy. He said, Sindh is the land of peace and co-existence because of Sufis. The Sufis always promoted peace, love, affection and unity. The Sufis taught against militancy and terrorism. The Sufis have respect for inter-faith. Khuwaja Moeen-ud-Din Mehboob said, the people of every faith come to Sufis shrines. Khuwaja Moeen-ud-Din Mehboob said, Ibn e Arbi and Mansoor Hallaj presented the philosophy of Wehdat-ul-Wajood and Sachal Sarmast promoted this essence in his poetry. He advised the students to work hard and understand the teachings and philosophies of Sufis. It is high time that divergent feelings may be contained for the promotion of inter-faith dialogue and peaceful co-existence in our country. He suggested that the funding of the unauthorized may be checked. The syllabus may be designed according to modern lines to teach about humanity and peace.  

Prof. Amanullah Bhatti, Prof. Dr. Amir Ahmed Khuhro, Prof. Dr. Amir Ali Chandio, Prof. Imdad Chandio, Prof. Ghulam Mustafa Buledi, Dr. Saleem Rahpoto, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Mr. Ishrat Ali Mirani, Mr. Sajid Soomro, Mr. Liaquat Ali Chandio, Mr. Sahib Khan Shaikh, Mr. Manzar Abbas Zaidi and large number of students attended the lecture program.


At the end, the traditional Ajraks were presented to guests.  

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March 18, 2015 at 9:42 PM

Prof. Dr. Miandad Zardari, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Main Campus of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur paid a visit of Faculty of Natural Sciences during the ongoing Midterm Examinations of first semester 2015. Speaking to the students Dr. Zardari said, the socio-economic and technological research & development depends on quality education. He said, it is high time that our students may concentrate on their studies and play a dynamic role in the nation building. He advised the students prepare properly during midterm examinations because it is also part of their semester examination, he added. Dr. Zardari praised the untiring efforts of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah for the promotion of academic excellence and research culture at the campus.


Prof. Dr. Nisar Ahmed Kanhar, Chairman, Department of Microbiology, Prof. Dr. Noor Ahmed Shaikh, Chairman, Department of Computer Science, Prof. Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed Memon, Chairman, Department of Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Khaskheli, Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, Prof. Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari, Media Coordinator, Amjad Mughal and others accompanied with Pro-Vice Chancellor during the visit. 

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