May 22, 2015 at 1:43 PM

A Cheque Distribution Ceremony was held at Vice Chancellor Secretariat, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor gave away the cheques among the 30 students of Department of Teacher Education. The scholarship is funded by USAID, Pakistan Reading Project (PRP). In first installment Rs. 20,000 were given to each student on the basis of merit. It is recalled that USAID PRP has released 4.8 Million rupees for BS (Four Year Program) in the shape of scholarship.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Parveen Shah said, with the sincere efforts of USAID, their team PRP and Focal Person Prof. Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, we ploughed the field and sowed the seed in form of meritorious students and INSHA ALLAH all the stakeholders of the community will get the fruit when these skilled future teachers will go to schools and colleges. Dr. Shah stressed on the cheque recipients to take care of public money, work hard to uphold worth and sanctity of your degrees. Dr. Shah advised them  to work hard and keep up it. Dr. Parveen Shah extended her cordial thanks to USAID funded PRP for offering 30 scholarships to the B. Ed (Hons) students of Main Campus.

Ms. Sadia Adeeb, Representative of USAID PRP appreciated the efforts of Dr. Parveen Shah and Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah for the running of teacher education program according to USAID parameters.

Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, Chairman, Department of Teacher Education briefed the achievements of the Department. Dr. Mallah said, we have announced MS/M. Phil program in education and the classes will start from August 2015. The ten year strategic plan for Faculty of Education has been prepared.


At the end Dr. Parveen Shah and Ms. Sadia Adeeb, Representative of USAID PRP distributed the cheques to Mr. Jan Mehdi Raza Sahito, Saima Shaikh, Sana, Farman Ali, Mohammad Azeem, Maryam and others.

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May 22, 2015 at 11:46 AM




One-Day seminar on Corruption and Its Impact on Socio-economic Development was held at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur organized by National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Sukkur and Character Building Society (CBS) Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, SALU, Khairpur presided over the seminar. Mr. Muhammad Altaf Bawany, Director General, NAB, Sukkur was the chief guest on this occasion.

On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah said, corruption is perpetual disease for a state development process and widely spread in the developing countries, its results are of destroying effect for a state security, it undermines mutual confidence in the society, causes moral degradation of population, and provokes immigration and illegal transfer of capital from the country. Dr. Parveen Shah said, the state may need to establish credibility by punishing highly visible corrupt officials, but the goal of such prosecutions is to attract notice and public support, not solve the underlying problem. Dr. Shah said, if this society is to be saved, the country has to shake off the tag of a failing or failed state, urgent, and stringent measures need to be taken. This joint program of SALU & NAB (Sukkur) is outcome of NAB & Higher Education Commission’s collaborative work for character building societies at universities level.

Mr. Muhammad Altaf Bawany said, fight against corruption is collective social responsibility, as the NAB cannot fight war against corruption alone.  The dream of a corruption free society remains elusive unless the whole nation says “No to Corruption”. Mr. Bawany said, NAB has revived and re-integrated its awareness and prevention drive intensified to combat corruption effectively.  He remarked that CBS have been established in Universities and Colleges working effectively in raising the awareness against corruption. According to the Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT) report, the prosecution success ration of NAB is 70%. He revealed that from 30th September 2014 state recoveries is Rs. 260.956 Billions. The objectives of the NAB are to improve government transparency, develop an improve the mechanisms through which corruption is combated and coordinating anti-corruption efforts. He appreciated the efforts of Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, SALU for the establishment of Character Building Society at the campus.

Justice (Retd) Syed Ali Aslam Jafferi, Guest Speaker talked on “Role of Judiciary in Combating Corruption with reference to NAB Laws.” He elaborated that 1947 act was established in the era of Quaid-i-Azam, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Governor General of Pakistan. He said, people like Patwari, Tapedar, Police Wala, Clerk etc were trapped and prosecuted. 80% cases were wrongly investigated because cases were not supported by the prosecution. He traced that Ahtesab Bureau was established for political victimization and likewise EBDO against the opposition. He suggested that income tax evaders may be apprehended. He said, judiciary has interpreted laws but is high time that proper investigation against the corruption may be initiated. He quoted the case of Model Ayan Ali who is involved in money laundering, even her Challan is not submitted properly. He said, every person could play its responsibility elegantly and honestly so the corruption could be eradicated. He said, judiciary ahs played effective role in the eradication of corruption. He also quoted the case of Admiral (Retd) Mansoor-ul-Haque who was prosecuted and convicted.

Prof. Dr. Asan Das Manwani, SZABIST, Hyderabad said, corruption is non-stop in our society, it meaning is economic rampant. He said, agriculture sector is also affected by the menace of corruption. Agriculture water is tempered by influential landlords having political support. He said, sincere efforts are needed to eradicate the corruption. He said, previously mega projects, i.e yellow cab scheme, motorway projects remained the debate of corruption.

Dr. Manzoor Ali Isran, SZABIST, Karachi said, corruption has badly affected the society. He said, power should be decentralized uneven power created the sense of corruption. He said, Millennium Development Goal of Sindh not achieved in letter and spirit. He said, institutional corruption is they order of the day, some of the politicians and bureaucrats are involved in this bad practice. Due to sectarian, ethnic line and poverty, the wave of terrorism emerged. He stressed that justice oriented society may be established so the development could be availed.

Mr. Jan Mohammad Oadhano, Social Activist from Jacobabad talked on “Corruption and Societal Values.”  He said, corruption is menace and chronic disease has affected societal values. He said, abuse of public resources is also corruption. He said, the causes of corruption are low salaries, monopoly of power and lake of accountability. He said, corrupt man thinks that corruption is legalized. Corruption is national security threat.

Earlier, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts and Focal Person of CBS, SALU welcomed the guests, audiences, and shed light on the aims and objectives of society. He remarked that it has affected the economic, social and security fabric of the state. The concept of Character Building Societies is to involve the students against this menace.

The Oath taking ceremony of Character Building Society was also took place. Mr. Altaf Bawany, Administered the oath.  


Prof. Dr. Miandad Zardari, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Main Campus, Prof. Dr. Yasmeen Faiz, Kazi, Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ghulam Murtaza Maitlo, Dean, Faculty of Management Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, Prof. Dr. Syed Asad Raza Abidi, Prof. Dr. Ashfaque Ahmed Memon, Prof. Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari, Prof. Dr. Noor Ahmed Shaikh, Prof. Dr. Amir Ali Chandio,Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Khaskheli, Dr. Mir MUnsif Ali Talpur, Dr. Tajnees Pirzada, Ms. Shahida Mangi, Mr. Shahzada Imtiaz Ahmed, Additional Director, NAB, Mr. Altaf Hussain Bhutto, Mr. Abdul Aziz Shaikh and large number of faculty members, officers and students attended the seminar.Ms. Nazan Mahar conducted the proceedings of the seminar. 

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May 19, 2015 at 12:55 PM

Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur paid a visit first semester examinations of B. Ed and M. Ed at Institute of Education, Govt. Comprehensive Higher Secondary School Khairpur. Speaking to appearing candidates, Dr. Shah advised them to work hard in the pursuit of higher education and in specialized fields because it is the need of the time that we needs best professionals in every field. She stressed on the teacher education because teachers are the leaders of future and shape the destiny of the youth and nation. Teachers could play their significant role in the character building and personality development of students.

Dr. Shah felt her entire satisfaction over the arrangements made for the peaceful and smooth conduct of the examination.

It is recalled that more than 450 candidates are appearing at this centre.


Dr. Syed Asad Raza Abidi, Registrar, Prof. Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari, Media Coordinator, Mr. Mureed Hussain Ibopoto, Controller of Examinations (Semester), Syed Zahid Hussain Shah, Additional Director, Institute of Education, Mr. Imran Ali Soomro and Mr. Ali Ahmed Kandhar also accompanied Vice Chancellor during the visit. 

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May 18, 2015 at 1:09 PM

On the directives of Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur a candlelit vigil for the victims of Ismaili Community was held at University. The teachers and students paid rich tribute to the departed souls of victims and condemned this carnage. They demanded from the government to protect the citizens of Pakistan and immediate arrest of the culprits. They prayed for the bereaved families. They felt deep sorrow and grief over the brutal killings of humanity. They demanded from the government to beef up the security apparatus of the state and take extraordinary measures to protect the lives and properties of the people.


Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Veesar, Provost Hostels (Boys), Prof. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Khaskheli, Chairman, Department of Biochemistry, Prof. Shahida Mangi, Provost Hostels (Girls), Syed Waqar Shah, Administrative Officers (Hostels), Dr. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Abro and large number of students attended in prayer and vigil. 

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May 18, 2015 at 1:06 PM

Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah Vice Chancellor Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur Inaugurated the Students Startup Business Center (SSBC) at the Faculty of managements Sciences. While Speaking in the Inaugural ceremony Dr. Shah said that Pakistan must prepare its Students of higher education to compete in a highly challenging and globalized economy and job markets. Vice Chancellor remarked that it is necessary to provide students with practical skills, promote students entrepreneurship and support students startup both with knowledge and financial means.

Dr Parveen Shah said this Center will offer many opportunities to local and international businesses interested in local investment.

Dr. Shah said these businesses and invest a small amount of money for great ideas, product, development and new applications that can, in turn, grow into many folds profits. Vice Chancellor announced that in near future we are planning to establish directorate of students placement and industry linkages. Dr Parveen Shah appreciated the efforts of Dr. Muneer Ahmed Shah and his team for the establishment of center.

Dr. Muneer Shah Director SSBC said this center will promote industry, academia and industry linkages and it will polish the students regarding their practical learning levels, to increase the fiscal base of the country. He appreciated the role of higher education commission for the allocation of two million rupees as seed money to launch this center. Dr Shah lauded the contribution of Dr Parveen Shah for the patronage in the establishment of this center.

  Dr. Sumia Shah Deputy Director SSBC said the center will provides Trainings,   financial consultancy, market knowledge, alumni linkages and avail the donors and fundraising campaign. She said Pakistan has rich human resource asset  than oil rich Saudi Arabia.

Prof.Dr. Yasmeen faiz Kazi, Dr Ghulam Murtaza Maitlo, Dr Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah. Dr. Noor Ahmed Shaikh. Dr. Noor Shah Bukhari, Dr Taj Muhammed Lashari, Sajid Husain Meerani , Altaf Hussain Bhutto, Dr. Abdul Razzaque Mahar, Dr, Shafique Ahmed Arain, Dr Akhtiar Ghumro, Dr Subhan Gaad, Dr. Irum Rani, Teachers and Students attended the ceremony. 


The proceeding of the ceremony was conducted by sarfraz Ahmed korejo.         

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Press Release

May 18, 2015 at 1:03 PM

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Sarwar Markhand, President, Shah Abdul Latif University Teachers Association (SALUTA) while addressing to executive council said that during the two and half years period of Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, University has got significant status in academia, research and physical development. SALU has signed various Memorandum of Understanding with international reputable Universities to promote the academic linkage. In his address he said on the platform various international national and international conferences, workshops and seminars have been convened for the capacity building of the teachers and various international scholars visited the University. Dr. Markhand said in his address , with the untiring efforts of Dr. Parveen Shah the promotions of teachers have been made on the basis of seniority-cum-merit. He said, first ever research grant has been increased to promote the research culture at campus. The multiple projects have been earned by the faculty members to embark upon the research on applied sciences, social sciences and social issues. With the personal interest of Dr. Parveen Shah the first ever housing society consist of 50 acres of land have been allotted with the prior approval and interest of Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah and MNA Dr. Syeda Nafisa Shah. Dr. Markhand further added that 35 teachers have been sent abroad to pursue their PhD from the overseas countries. This has been possible by the personal interest of Dr. Parveen Shah. Dr. Markhand said, recently, the Central development Working Party (CDWP), Islamabad has approved the mega scheme of the University to strengthen the basic academic services. It will provide better facilities to teachers and students. Dr. Parveen Shah has promoted more than 20 teachers on the basis of hardship, various Selection Boards were convened to promote the teachers. Dr. Markhand said, we are fully satisfied with the working mechanism of Dr. Parveen Shah who is committed and devoted with the cause of education and we are optimistic that in near future SALU will stand in the raking of international repute Universities. Dr. Markhand requested the Civil Society, Intellectuals and professionals to come forward for the further development of this Alma mater, so University could provide latest knowledge to the students according to the need of 21st  century.

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May 14, 2015 at 10:51 PM

Syed Waqar Hussain Shah Latifi, Sajjada Nasheen, Dargah Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai called on Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur at her office. On this occasion, Dr. Parveen Shah welcomed him and briefed about the academic, research and developmental activities of SALU. Dr. Shah elaborated that we have established Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai Chair at University, The purpose of establishment of this chair is to promote the ideals and message of Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai (R.A), which is based on love, peace, affection and tranquility. Dr. Shah said, Shah Latif promoted Islam by his teachings and philosophy. Dr. Shah remarked that Sindh is the land of peace and co-existence because of Shah Latif and other Sufis. The message of Latif is against militancy and terrorism. Latif has respect for all faiths

On this occasion, Syed Waqar Hussain Shah said, the message of Latif is universal. There is no any discrimination for anyone in the teaching of Latif. , Syed Waqar Hussian Shah appreciated the efforts of Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah for the establishment of Shah Latif Chair at University.


Prof. Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, Advisor to Vice Chancellor on Planning & Development, Prof. Dr. Syed Asad Raza Abidi, Registrar, Prof. Imdad Hussain Chandio, Focal Person, Shah Latif Chair and others were present in the meeting. 

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May 13, 2015 at 12:57 PM

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) inked between Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur and National Institute of Historical & Cultural Research, Centre of Excellence, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad on International Conference on Sindh: History and Culture. The three-day conference will be held on 23-25 November 2015 at Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur. The themes of the conference are Sindh through Ages, Sufi and Saints, Role in Freedom Movement, Press & Media, War on Terror and Sindh, Sindhi Art & Literature, Sindh Ethnic Bouquet, Power & Politics, Civil Society, Gender Issues, Industrial Development, Local Games & Hobbies, Women Contribution in Development, Sindh Cultural Landscape and Archaeology and Museology etc.

Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yousuf Khushk, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences & Arts and Mr. Sajid Mehmood Awan, Senior Research Fellow on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad signed the MoU.

Speaking on this occasion, Dr. Parveen Shah said, the history and culture of Sindh is marvelous and ancient. This conference will provide a meaningful discourse on the history, culture and civilization because we have the rich civilization in the shape of Moen-Jo-Daro. Dr. Shah said, all efforts will be utilized to organize this conference in befitting manner. Dr. Parveen Shah said, all the expenditures will be borne by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad and others sponsors for the arrangements of the conference.

Mr. Sajid Mehmmod Awan said, this conference will produce a breakthrough on the history and culture. He said, we have previously organized three international conference in various Pakistani Universities on the history of Sindh. The conference will be trilingual in which 60 scholars from all over the world will present their research papers on the theme of the conference.


Prof. Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, Advisor to Vice Chancellor on Planning & Development, Prof. Dr. Syed Asad Raza Abidi, Registrar, Prof. Dr. Imdad Hussain Sahito, Chairman, Department of Pakistan Studies, Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Veesar, Chairman, Department of Archaeology, Mr. Hazoor Bux Channa, Information Officer, NIHCR, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad and Prof. Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari, Media Coordinator were present on this occasion.

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May 13, 2015 at 10:06 AM

A delegation of Provincial Ombudsman Office Sindh called on Prof. Dr. Parveen Shah, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur in her office. The delegation consists on Mr. Abdullah Shah, Director Administration, Mr. Ghulam Haider Memon, Registrar and Mr. Abdul Manan Memon P.S to Ombudsman.

Dr. Parveen Shah welcomed the delegation and briefed about the academic, research and developmental activities of the University and appreciated the contribution of Ombudsman Office. Dr. Shah said, it is need of the time that the protection laws against harassment against women at work place and domestic violence against women may be implemented in letter and spirit and complaints may be redressed. Dr. Parveen Shah pointed out the delegation that we have displayed the act at prominent places of SALU. Dr. Parveen Shah invited them a seminar may be organized jointly to apprize the students and faculty members about the harassment against women at work place. Dr. Parveen Shah lauded the role of Syed Pir Ali Shah, Provincial Ombudsman who is actively working against harassment against women at work places.

Mr. Abdullah Shah briefed the Vice Chancellor that office of the provincial Ombudsman Sindh-The protection against harassment against women at work place established under section-7 of the act, is a proper forum where a victim of sexual harassment can knock the door for justice, free of cost against the crime for relief. He said, across the Sindh, we have received 80 complaints. We are conducting awareness seminar/programs/meetings at districts level in collaboration with Deputy Commissioners to eradicate this social evil and disease.

He appreciated the role of Dr. Parveen Shah for rendering her meritorious services for the uplifting of education, research and development of the University.


Prof. Dr. Syed Asad Raza Abidi, Registrar, Prof. Dr. Taj Mohammad Lashari, Media Coordinator and others attended the meeting. 

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May 11, 2015 at 1:53 PM

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