Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur paid a visit of office of the Dean Faculty of Physical Sciences and Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Hussain Mahar, Dean Faculty of Physical Sciences cordially welcomed the Vice Chancellor. He briefed Dr. Ibupoto about the academic, research output of his Faculty and narrated the background of the establishment of the Department of Computer Science. he said that initially Department was started with four computers, later on in the year 2001, then the Minister of Science & Technology Dr. Ata-ur-Rehman approved the scheme for strengthen the Department.

Dr. Samina Rajpar, Professor, Department of Computer Science briefed that the Department has integrated approach based on theory and practical. We are imparting Computer and I.T education in BS (C.S& I.T), M.S/M. Phil and Ph.D Programs. Recently, we have launched International Journal of Computer Science & Emerging Technologies, E-newsletter, Seven Students Societies and also established Alumni Association.

Dr. Hissamuddin Shaikh, Chairman Department of Mathematics also briefed that Department of Mathematic is imparting B.S, M.S/M. Phil and Ph.D Programs. At this juncture, we have shortage of building.

Dr. Farman Ali Mangi, Chairman, Department of Physics briefed the Vice Chancellor about the programs offered by the Department of Physics. He apprised that recently we have introduced Geophysics keeping in view of the oil fields in the adjoining area of the Khairpur and other districts.

Dr. Noor Hassan Chandio, Incharge Department Geography shed light on the programs offered by the Department. He said, three national conferences have been convened. In addition, the project cost of Rs. 3.3 Million regarding establishment of sub-metrological offices at main campus and its sub-campuses is ready for its operation.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto opined that I am really happy to see the infrastructure and equipments available at the Department of Computer Science and other Departments under the domain of Faculty of Physical Science. Dr. Ibupoto said no one will be ignored if a person is committed and enthusiastic to deliver his assigned work. We have plentiful resources, but there is severe need of ownership. We have to continue to work with spirit and commitment. The shortage of classes will be managed very soon after shifting in the new building academic block. Dr. Ibupoto advised the Chairmen Departments of Mathematics and Physics to prepare a comprehensive PC-I for extension of Departments, and the same will be placed in PSDP and other relevant forum for his approval.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto visited the Faculty of Natural Science. Prof. Dr. Ghulam Abbas Shar, Dean Faculty of Natural Sciences welcomed the Vice Chancellor. Dr. Ibupoto interacted with the Directors, Chairpersons and Faculty Members of the Institutes and Departments under the purview of the concerned Faculty.

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Abbas Shar briefed the academic and research development. He said recently, we are working on the re-launching of research journal Sindh Scientific. We are committed to provide better facilities to academia and students.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hassan Khaskheli, Chairman Department of Biochemistry briefed the Vice Chancellor about available facilities in the Department. He pointed out about the shortage of Faculty Members and recommended the Vice Chancellor to hire the Ph.D Faculty in order to meet the academic requirement.

The Chairpersons of other Institutes and Departments briefed the Vice Chancellor about their prevailing academic scenario in their respective Institutes and Departments

Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto stressed the need for collective efforts to embark quality research input. Dr. Ibupoto remarked that it is high time to revive our credibility and trust. Dr. Ibupoto informed the participants that we are striving to avail appropriate funds from the relevant quarters and we have submitted a request for a bailout package. With the joint efforts, we have witnessed positive and significant paradigm shift towards betterment within a couple of days.  Dr. Khalil said our Alma mater is the premier institute of Upper Sindh caters quality education to the thousands of students of downtrodden people