Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto, Vice Chancellor, Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur chaired various meetings convened with Director Finance, Controller of Examinations (Annual & Semester), Inspector of Colleges, Incharge Online System, Administrative Officers and Projects Director Works, Director Planning & Development, Director Technical and Executive Engineer Works.

Talking to the participants of the meetings, Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto said that the purpose of these meetings aimed at to streamline the working of the various sections and bring transparency and more efficiency for the public delivery and soft image of the University.

On this occasion, the Director Finance Mr. Nisar Ahmed Noonari briefed the Vice Chancellor that an eligibility fee at the Law Colleges is due and same is in pending.

The Controller of Examinations Mr. Ghulam Shabbir Phupoto apprised the Vice Chancellor that there is close liaison with I.T Manager, Director Finance and Inspector of Colleges to recover the eligibility fees.

The Inspector of Colleges Mr. Nazir Ahmed Mangnejo briefed the Vice Chancellor that prior conduct of examinations, the list of eligible candidates of Law Colleges may be provided by the Controller of Examinations Office.

Prof. Dr. Khalil Ahmed Ibupoto directed the concerned Sectional Heads that prior conduct of examinations, proper documents related to the examinations be checked after clearance regarding payment of eligibility fees and enrollment fees. The slips be issued to the appearing candidates. Dr. Ibupoto also directed the Inspector of Colleges to convene meetings with the concerned Principals of Law Colleges. Dr. Ibupoto announced to establish the Examinations Cell headed by Vice Chancellor consisting on the Controller of Examinations, Inspector of Colleges, I.T Manager, Director Admissions in order to bring transparency, regularity in the conduct of examinations, transparency in fees collection, redressal of grievances of the students and other stakeholders.

The second meeting was held with the Projects Director Works Engr. Ghulam Asghar Shaikh, Director Planning & Development Mr. Muhammad Hassan Halipoto, Director Technical Engr. Ghulam Mujtaba Abbasi and Executive Engineer Works Engr Faiz Muhammad Shaikh.

Engr. Ghulam Asghar Shaikh, Project Director (Works) briefed the Vice Chancellor that the academic block has been constructed with the generous support of Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. He mentioned that three R.O Plant Rooms have been constructed to provide the sweet water to the stakeholders and the fixing of barbered wiring is underway and the same will be completed within 15 days.

The Vice Chancellor directed the Director Technical Engr. Ghulam Mujtaba Abbasi and Executive Engineer Works Engr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh to provide sweet water to the boys hostel.

On this occasion, Dr. Khalil Ibupoto directed the concerned officers to take measures for proper lighting arrangements and also directed the I.T Manager Syed Muneer Shah to take efforts for functioning of C.C.T.V Cameras and other gadgets. Dr. Ibupoto also directed Mr. Muhammad Hassan Halipoto, Director Planning & Development to prepare PC-I for new projects on the basis of need and also prepare PC-I for Sun sheds along with the dual carriage from Zero Point to Academic Block for students and visitors. The Vice Chancellor also directed Engr. Faiz Muhammad Shaikh to prepare working paper for the paver blocks, fifty solar pools, water tanks may be availed from the Deputy Commissioner, Khairpur.

On this occasion, the Vice Chancellor announced to establish Campus Management Cell in order to resolve the genuine problems timely at the campus premises.

The third meeting was held with the All Administrative Officers of the University regarding more improvement in their respective jurisdiction. The Administrative Officers assured the Vice Chancellor that they will render their duties with utmost devotion.

Prof. Dr. Taj Muhammad Lashari, Director Media & Public Relations and Mr. Mureed Hussain Ibupoto, Registrar attended the meetings.