Iqbal is not only the poet of East but a great Philosopher and Scholar who advocates action, vigilance, self reliance and belief in one’s self among the youngsters. Poetry of Iqbal guides our youth for character building and social development. This was the message of scholars delivering their talks on Iqbal Day celebrated at Shahdadkot Campus of Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur on November 9, 2021. The event was presided over by the Principal of the Campus Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar whereas; Prof. Najamul Hassan was the keynote speaker. The event was celebrated by the Department of English under the patronage of Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Chandan Lal Rohra. Prof. Najamul Hassan in his detailed and comprehensive lecture shed light on different aspects of Iqblal’s poetry. He told that Iqbal emphasizes upon action, self discovery, self negation, creativity and love for human beings in his poetry. He informed the students about Iqbal’s greatest message of Khudi and self exploration.

Principal Muhammad Ibrahim Khokhar told that Iqbal was a visionary poet and a true philosopher of his time. He foresaw the plight of Indian Muslims and advocated the case for separate homeland. Pakistan today is the realization of the dream of Iqbal and the result of countless sacrifices of the people of this area. Prof. Chandan Lal the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the campus appreciated the efforts of faculty members and students of the Department of English Shahdadkot Campus and told that the campus will regularly arrange such events to create awareness and national spirit among the students. He also lauded the poetic excellence of Allama Iqbal. On this occasion students recited the verses of Allama Iqbal and paid homage to his genius.

Prof. Dr. Taj Muhammad Lashari
Director, Media & Public Relations
Shah Abdul Latif University, Khairpur
Dated: 09-11-2021